Preserve Old Growth

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Mountaineers Foundation Rhododendron Preserve

Wild Rhododendrons

It was the reports of masses of blooming rhododendrons that first brought Mountaineers to this area in 1909. The rhododendrons and the amazing people living in Hidden Valley kept them coming back year after year.

When the area was threatened with logging in 1913 The Mountaineers purchased the first parcel of what became the Rhododendron Preserve. Additional parcels were added over time until in 1985 180 acres was deeded to Mountaineers Foundation to be held in perpetuity as nature conservancy.

Mountaineers Foundation was established in 1963 by several members of The Mountaineers club who wished to support conservation and address environmental issues that were outside the scope of The Mountaineers club.

The Foundation is a an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization that manages the Kitsap Rhododendron Preserve and supports conservation activities through grants.