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Mountaineers Foundation Rhododendron Preserve

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The Rhododendron Preserve is open to the public during daylight hours year around.

Access to the Rhododendron Preserve is through The Mountaineers Kitsap Cabin and Kitsap Forest Theater Complex located at 2401 Seabeck Hwy NW, Bremerton.

Since access to the Preserve is across private property, we ask visitors to be thoughtful of other users of The Mountaineers Kitsap Property. Please check the Kitsap Property calendar for property activities and plan your visit accordingly.

We also ask that you check in with the caretaker (green house) or leave a note on your car so that the caretaker knows you are on the Preserve.

Please remember that this is a nature conservancy and home to many wild creatures. Visitors are reminded that they assume all risks inherent in visiting the Preserve.

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Big Tree Trail

Visit Us FAQs

Can I bring my dog or Pet on the trail?

NO! Dogs and pets are not allowed at the Preserve or on the trail. Thank you for leaving your pets home.

Can I pick the rhododendrons, berries, or mushrooms?

This is a nature conservancy. Please, leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures.

Can I rent the house in Hidden Valley?

The house is in some disrepair and not available for rent. We are currently in the process of deciding what to do with the Hidden Valley house and surroundings.

Some of the ideas that are being discussed include establishing an education center, creating a conference center, and making the house available for back to nature retreats. We welcome additional ideas and input into the decision process.

How are The Mountaineers and Mountaineers Foundation related?

The Mountaineers was founded in 1906 as a private club, and has recently become a 501(c )3 organization. Mountaineers Foundation was established in 1963 by members of The Mountaineers who wanted to get involved in conservation and environmental issues outside the scope of The Mountaineers.

As well as managing the Rhododendron Preserve, Mountaineers Foundation has an active Community Grants program that supports environmental and conservation causes throughout the Pacific Northwest. Mountaineers Foundation and The Mountaineers have a long cooperative relationship.

When do the salmon spawn?

The salmon run spawning time is dependent on the weather. Without enough rain there is not enough water in the creeks for the spawners to make it upstream. Typically the spawning run happens in November, but it can happen earlier or later.